Welcome to Crossroads Victoria

We are sad to report that our monthly activities have been discontinued. Previously, our aim was to provide Christian fellowship, education and recreational  opportunities to people of all ages who have special needs.                                              All of the leaders and helpers did so in a voluntary capacity and were appropriately accredited by Victoria Police.

Crossroads Victoria  was set up over thirty years ago by a group of dedicated Christian volunteers to raise awareness of and to advocate for positive change and encouragement for the continued growth and development in areas relating to ministry and fellowship with people with special needs. Now, in 2018, those volunteers have retired and we see that many of those needs are now more generally recognised and supported by other, more formal, organisations, many of which are faith-based.

Each of the local Crossroads branches was independent and autonomous and usually run as one of the outreach programs of a local church. This had the added advantage of being potentially able to provide pastoral assistance.

Activities were tailored to meet the needs of those who attended each branch and to specifically emphasise and encourage interaction between able and disabled persons.

Programs covered a wide range of activities and often included active and quiet games, music, cooking, crafts, gardening, theme nights, visiting speakers and entertainers, theatre nights, dining out, and devotions.

Conferences, seminars and church services were often planned and organised by Crossroads on a regional or local level to bring together church and community groups focussing on issues of interest and concern.

Who is disabled or has special needs?
“A person whose physical, mental or social well-being is temporarily or permanently impaired; – congenitally or through age, illness or general environmental conditions; – with the result that his or her self-dependence, schooling or employment is impeded…” (from World Health Organisation definition)